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Philips Avent

Philips Avent DECT Audio Baby Monitor

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Avent DECT Audio Baby Monitor SCD560/10


Enjoy complete peace of mind. With the new Avent DECT Audio Baby Monitor which provides added support for you and your baby, with night light, lullabies, and many more features. The AVENT SCD560/10 Baby Monitor delivers a reliable connection to your baby.

Features & Benefits
  • DECT technology guarantees zero interference from any other transmitting products like cell phones, cordless phones, or other baby monitors. Data encryption provides a secure and private connection, so you can be sure that you are the only one that can hear your baby.
  • The parent unit will alert you when your monitor is out of range or when the power is low, helping you make sure that you are always connected to your baby.
  • The temperature sensor with customized alert allows you to monitor the climate in your baby's room. A customized temperature sensor will immediately alert you through the digital display on the parent unit, if the climate in your baby's room changes.
  • Sometimes all your baby needs is the soothing sound of your voice. With one click you can connect with your baby from anywhere around the home with the essential talk back feature.
  • Indoor range up to 50 meters. Outdoor range up to 330 meters
  • The rechargeable parent unit enables you to move in and around the home, it also gives you the freedom of cordless streaming for up to 18 hours before re-charging is required.

  • Baby unit - 1 each
  • Parent unit - 1 each
  • Neck cord - 1 each
  • Main adapters - 2 each
  • AA rechargeable batteries - 2 each
Philips Avent DECT Audio Baby Monitor