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Dr. Brown's

Dr. Brown's Standard Nipples, 2-Pack, Level 3

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Dr. Brown's Standard Nipples, 2pk, Level 3


These nipples are designed especially for the old-style Dr Brown's standard neck baby bottle only.

Features & Benefits
  • Made of the highest grade silicone
  • Fits all sizes of old-style Dr Browns standard neck bottles


Dr. Brown's Standard Neck Silicone Nipples, 2-Pack, Level 3, #332 - 1 each


These are nipples for the old-style Dr. Brown's bottles, not the Options bottles.

Nipple Sizing Chart for Dr. Brown's Standard Bottles
  Nipple Size     Flow Speed     Description  
  Preemie     Very slow     Feeding preemies and smaller newborns  
  Level 1     Slow     Feeding newborns
  Level 2     Medium     Feeding infants aged 3 months +  
  Level 3     Fast     Feeding infants aged 6 months +  
  Level 4     Faster     For more aggressive eaters & thicker liquids  
  Y-Cut     Faster     For thicker liquids  
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