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Dr. Brown's

Dr. Brown's Standard/Narrow Nipples, 2-Pack, Preemie

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Dr. Brown's Standard/Narrow Nipples 2pk, Preemie


These nipples are designed especially for the new-style Dr Brown's Options standard/narrow neck baby bottle only.


Regarding the image with the packaging, the actual nipples have the word "PREEMIE" and not "P" on them. The actual packaging is exactly as shown.

Features & Benefits
  • Made of the highest grade silicone
  • Fits all sizes of Dr Browns Options standard/narrow neck bottles


Dr. Brown's Standard/Narrow Neck Silicone Nipples, 2-Pack, Preemie Flow, #297 - 1 each

Nipple Sizing Chart for Dr. Brown's Standard Bottles
  Nipple Size     Flow Speed     Description  
  Preemie     Very slow     Feeding preemies and smaller newborns  
  Level 1     Slow     Feeding newborns
  Level 2     Medium     Feeding infants aged 3 months +  
  Level 3     Fast     Feeding infants aged 6 months +  
  Level 4     Faster     For more aggressive eaters & thicker liquids  
  Y-Cut     Faster     For thicker liquids  
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