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FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diapers, Small
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diapers, Small


FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diapers, Small

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FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diapers - Size Small


The FuzziBunz® One Size Diapers are the most adjustable and innovative one-size cloth diapers on the market today! Adjust the diapers to fit babies 7-35 pounds and get a snug fit every time with the button-adjusted waist and leg casings. The leg casings adjust to 8+ settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ settings. Never before has a pocket-style cloth diaper been SO adjustable!

Features & Benefits
  • Sturdy Snap Closures Make FuzziBunz the Hands-Down Cloth Diaper Winner!
  • Award-winning patented pocket diaper is made with sturdy snap closures, which are made to last and require absolutely no maintenance.
  • Has no Velcro, so it won't fray, collect lint or snag your baby's clothes.
  • Snaps at the waist, hips, and legs for a perfect fit.
  • Adjustable, stretchy leg elastic with mini-gussets keeps messes contained.
  • Durable snap closures never give out, guaranteed.
  • Patented inside fleece layer keeps your baby dry and rash free.
  • Super absorbent insert is hidden in a patented back pocket.
  • Waterproofing built in with soft PUL outer layer which comes in a rainbow of fashionable colors.
  • Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, so they fit snugly on your baby without the added bulk that comes with most one-size diapers.

Each Diaper Includes:
  • FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper with hip and waist snaps
  • Absorbent cotton 4 layer insert

How the FuzziBunz diapering system works
  • The waterproof outer barrier keeps wetness contained.
  • The soft microfleece inner layer gently touches your baby's skin, pulling away moisture and keeping your baby rash-free, dry, and comfortable. The microfleece is made of 100% Polyester and is custom-milled.
  • The unique, patented pocket-style opening enables you to customize the absorbency to fit your baby needs. Stuff the pocket with inserts, a pre-fold, or even a hand towel!
  • The updated top-stitching circles the top of the diaper and the tabs, providing reinforcement and demonstrating commitment to making high quality diapers that hold up wash after wash.
  • The larger, square tabs hold the diaper in place to prevent sagging and provide better grip during diaper changes.
  • The stretchier elastic around the legs provides maximum comfort for baby.
  • The leg casings create "mini-gussets" to keep messes contained and leaks at bay.
  • The adjustable snap settings grow with your baby and enable you to adjust for your baby's waist and leg sizes.
  • The wide-array of color choices makes diapering fun!

Size Chart for Perfect Size Diapers
  Size     XS     S     M     L     Petite     XXL  
  Baby w/ Avg Build     4-12 lbs.     7-18 lbs.     15-32 lbs.     25-45+     20-30     45+  
  Baby w/ Large Build*          7-16 lbs.     12-30 lbs.     25-45            
  Baby's Age     Preemie-4 mos.     0-8 mos.     6-36 mos.     12+ mos.     12+ mos.     4+ yrs.  
  Thigh     4-6 in.     5-10 in.     9-13 in.     12-16 in.     9-12 in.     15-18 in.  
  Rise**     12 in.     13 in.     15 in.     16 in.     16 in.     22 in.  

*Use the Large Build row for sizing for babies who fall in the 80+ percentile on the growth chart.

**Length of diaper from end to end when laid flat

Care Instructions
  • FuzziBunz diapers are single use diapers. Wash both the FuzziBunz and insert after each use.
  • Most babies will experience little to no diaper rash after using FuzziBunz. Do not use any rash or diaper ointments or creams with the diapers.
  • When wet, separate insert and FuzziBunz and store in a dry diaper pail.
  • If soiled, simply knock solids into toilet. Small solids stuck to the fleece will dissolve in the wash. Use a mini-shower toilet attachment to rinse off soiled diapers over the toilet (optional).

Cleaning Instructions
  • Cold machine soak, hot wash, cold rinse, tumble dry low.
  • Do not use bleach or softeners.
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diapers, Small
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diapers, Small