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Hazelbaker FingerFeeder

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Hazelbaker FingerFeeder, Non-Sterile


The Hazelbaker FingerFeeder is designed for babies in special feeding circumstances that cannot feed at the breast. Finger feeding offers a range of physiological and psychological benefits.


The item is available without or with a lanyard. The lanyard allows you to wear the finger feeder around your neck, effectively turning the Finger Feeder into a supplemental nurser.

Features & Benefits
  • Finger feeding is the only therapeutic method that provides the touch of human skin as in breastfeeding
  • Skin-to-mouth tissue contact enhances feedback between caregiver and baby
  • Finger feeding allows the baby to pace the feed
  • Flow-rate system and ergonomic design
  • Graduated reservoir container
  • Autoclavable and boilable
  • Easy to fill container
  • BPA Free


Hazelbaker Finger Feeder (Non-Sterile), without or with Lanyard

Hazelbaker FingerFeeder for babies with special feeding needs like cleft palate, without lanyard