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Hemp Babies Raw Silk Liners

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Hemp Babies Raw Silk Liners


Keep your baby dry! Hemp Babies Raw Silk Liners are an ideal solution for heavy wetters! Custom fold and use as a liner inside your favorite diaper cover. Silk is a moisture wicking material that keeps baby's skin drier.

Features & Benefits
  • Silk is the only 100% natural wicking material able to help keep little bottoms drier.
  • Silk has natural anti-bacterial properties that may keep yeast and diaper rash at bay.


Hemp Babies 100% Raw Silk Liner - 1 each


5 in. x 12 in.

Cleaning Instructions:

Before first use: Wash hot (140F/60C) with a small amount of detergent 3-5 times, drying between each wash. Product shrinks to size and becomes absorbent during this process. Once pre-washed, insert may be washed and dried with the rest of your diapers. This product will collect lint during the prewash process. If you've purchased a large number of hemp inserts, be sure to prewash in small loads to avoid clogging the filters in your washer / dryer.

Dirty Storage: Store in dry pail/bin.

At every wash cycle: Pre-wash cold. Wash hot (140F/60C) with bumGenius detergent. Extra rinse. No laundry additives. Tumble dry. No fabric softeners.

Monthly: Use ¼ cup or 60 mL bleach in the hot wash once per month.

Important Note: Do not use rash creams.

Fabric Content

100% Raw Silk