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Medela 80 ml Collection Bottles with Solid Lid, 8-Pack

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Medela 80 ml Collection Bottles with Solid Lids


The Medela 3 oz (80 ml) bottle is designed for feeding baby as well as milk collection with a breast pump

Features & Benefits
  • Screw-on lid for leak-proof seal
  • Raised measurement in millimeters to 80 ml
  • Material of construction - Special food contact grade (conforms to FDA standards) polypropylene material, BPA free
  • Works with all Medela breast pumps
  • Fits all Medela breastshields - Milk can be pumped directly into the container
  • Compatible with Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder, Medela Mini-SpecialNeeds Feeder, and the SoftFeeder
  • Ready-to-use - right out of the packaging
  • Special polypropylene plastic retains breastmilk’s beneficial properties - safe & hygienic method to store breast milk
  • Can withstand boiling temperature to clean
  • Freezer safe
  • Reusable
  • Micro-Steamable - with Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags


Medela 3 oz. (80 ml) polypropylene containers with solid lids #6109

  • Lids will be white or yellow (matching set), depending on availability from Medela.
  • We also offer other collection bottles. For other Medela bottle styles and sizes, click on the blue tab Related Items above.
Medela 80 ml Collection Bottles with Solid Lid, 8-Pack