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Medela Mini SpecialNeeds Feeder

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Medela Mini SpecialNeeds Feeder


Medela’s Mini-SpecialNeeds Feeder #6100093S is designed for smaller or pre-term babies with special feeding circumstances, such as cleft lip/plate or feeding/sucking problems.

Features & Benefits
  • Offers an alternative to spoons, enlarged and/or extra holes in bottle nipples and nasogastric tubes
  • It is so effective and easy to use that it can change feeding sessions from difficult or traumatic experiences into a pleasurable activity for parent and baby
  • Variable flow rate controlled by feeder and baby
  • Responds to baby's tongue and gum activity (stripping action) rather than sucking
  • Sensitive to the weakest feeding effort
  • One-way valve prevents flooding or overwhelming the baby
  • Autoclavable and boilable
  • Container can be used with any Medela breast pump kit
  • Sterile in package

  • 80 ml container - 1 each
  • Mini-Teat, collar, valve & disc assembly - 1 each
  • English/French/Spanish instructions

  • The SpecialNeeds & Mini-SpecialNeeds Feeders are unsuitable for babies with a poor swallow reflex.
  • We offer other special-needs feeders.
  • We offer spare parts for the SpecialNeeds and Mini-Special Needs feeders, sold separately.
Medela Mini SpecialNeeds Feeder