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Medela SoftFeeder (Sterile)

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Medela SoftFeeder (Sterile)


Medela SoftFeeder is designed for babies who cannot be fed at the breast. It allows baby to be fed while avoiding nipple confusion/preference.

Features & Benefits
  • Maintains exactly the right amount of milk at the lip of the cup
  • The slightest feeding effort is rewarded
  • Flooding is prevented should the baby squirm or jerk
  • Increases the probability of successful breastfeeding as the baby develops further
  • More control than traditional cups
  • Made of soft, pliable pure silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • One-way valve prevents flooding or overwhelming the baby
  • Can be sterilized with Medela Micro-Steam Bags
  • Container can be used with any Medela breast pump kit
  • Sterile in package

Medela SoftFeeder #6100018S Includes
  • 80 ml bottle container - 1 each
  • Silicone reservoir, collar, disc, and white membrane - 1 each
  • English/French/Spanish instructions

  • We offer other special-needs feeders.
  • We offer spare parts for the SoftFeeder.
Medela SoftFeeder (Sterile)