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Medela Tubing for Freestyle Breast Pump

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Medela Tubing for Freestyle Breast Pump


Medela Replacement Tubing Freestyle Deluxe Breast Pump

  Use with Medela Pump Model     Tubing PN     Tubing Description  
  Freestyle   Model #67060
  • 2 Tubes: 8 inches long  
  • 1 Tube: 21 inches long  

  Material: PVC


  • 3-pronged tubing assembly  
  • Tubing dock (tubing connector)  
  • One small adapter at the end of each tube  
  • Adapter color: yellow  

Compatible Breast Pump
Medela Freestyle Deluxe Breast Pump Compatible with Medela Freestyle Tubing
  • This tubing CANNOT be used with any other Medela breast pump. It is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Freestyle Flex breast pump nor Freestyle Hands Free breast pump.
  • Tubing should be replaced after long periods in storage since any moisture inside the tubing may promote mold / bacteria growth.
  • Use Medela’s QuickClean Micro-Steam bags (5 pack bags sold separately) to sterilize any breastfeeding parts or accessories. The best method to clean tubing is in the microwave with Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags (alone with no other parts in the bag), see listing in Medela cleaning supplies.
Medela Tubing for Freestyle Breast Pump