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Medela Tubing for Pump In Style Advanced & Original, 1 Pair

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Medela Tubing for Pump In Style Original & Advanced

Please read the entire description for proper tubing identification.

Tubing Part Number

#101033078, replaces part numbers #87212, #8007156 and #8007212

Tubing Description

Length: 42 inches Tubing

Material: PVC


  • One soft end & one adapter end  
  • Adapter color: pale yellow  
  • Smooth, clear plastic tubing  


Medela Pump In Style Tubing, 1 Pair

Compatible Medela Breast Pumps Medela Breast Pumps Compatble with Pump In Style Advanced Parts Kit
Important Note

This Kit is Right for Your Pump if, when you look at your pump faceplate, the holes for the tubing on your pump are located at the bottom of the faceplate, left and right of each other, and a prong comes out of the center of each.

  • Tubing should be replaced after long periods in storage since any moisture inside the tubing may promote mold / bacteria growth.
  • Use Medela's QuickClean Micro-Steam bags (5 pack bags sold separately) to sterilize any breastfeeding parts or accessories. The best method to clean tubing is in the microwave with Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags (alone with no other parts in the bag), with 4 oz of water.
Medela Tubing for Pump In Style Advanced & Original