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Shrinkx Hips Ultra in Nude
Shrinkx Hips Ultra, Nude

Shrinkx Hips

Shrinkx Hips Ultra, Nude

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UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Hips Ultra Post Natal Compression Belt - Nude


Many women worry about having wider hips after childbirth. The Shrinkx Hips Ultra postnatal compression belt helps moms get back their pre-pregnancy hips after delivery.

Must be worn in the first 8 weeks after delivery.

Features & Benefits
  • Designed exclusively to narrow your hips
  • Provides constant, even pressue to gently guide hips back to their pre-pregnancy position
  • Triple compression to customize fit and maximum results
  • Engineered for extended wear and greater pelvic support
  • Anti-slip strip to keep the belt in place under or over clothing
  • Hip-Check measuring tape and Success Chart included so you can track your results
  • Physician recommended

How it works:
  • Shrinkx Hips works thanks to the hormone Relaxin which allows pelvic joints and ligaments to expand so baby can pass through birth canal
  • Relaxin then stays in the system for up to 8 weeks, giving her the opportunity to narrow her hips by wearing Shrinkx Hips
  • Shrinkx Hips is exclusively designed with multiple levels of compression so you can control the amount of pressure on your hips & work towards the best possible results

How to wear:
  • Shrinkx Hips must be worn in the first 8 weeks after delivery
  • The belt should be worn as much as possible during the day but can be taken off at night
  • Shrinkx Hips is comfortable (made of soft Nylon & Spandex materials) and can be worn under, or over, clothing
  • Can be worn after c-section

  • XS/S (typically fits pre-pregnancy pant sizes 0-8)
  • M/L (typically fits pre-pregnancy pant sizes 10-1x)

IF YOU ARE BETWEEN SIZES the best thing to do is take a measurement of your hips. Measure at the widest part of your hips, and if you are 40 inches and below, the manufacturer recommends the XS/S size. If your hips measure between 40 and 48 inches the manufacturer recommends going with the M/L size for your best fit.

Material of Construction

80% Nylon/20% Spandex

Shrinkx Hips Ultra in Nude
Shrinkx Hips Ultra, Nude