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Thirsties Duo Wrap, Snap Closure

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Color – White

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, 2 Sizes


Thirsties Duo Wraps provide a comfortable, waterproof cover for Thirsties Diapers. Thirsties Duo Wraps are completely waterproof yet remain breathable, pliable, and very comfortable for your baby's delicate skin.

Thirsties Duo Wraps are a very trim fitting cover. They are the preferred wrap for trifolded, prefold diapers and over trim fitted diapers. For bulkier systems and/or for nighttime double stuffing, we recommend Thirsties Diaper Covers, which have a roomier fit.

Why Choose A Two-Size System (Thirsties Duo) vs. a One-Size Diaper

Let's face it...'one-size' options tend to be too big on the average newborn and too small for most toddlers over two years of age. What this means is that the 'one-size' option truly only fits your baby properly when he/she weighs between 10 lbs to 32 lbs. Each of the two sizes of Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted diaper feature three rows of snaps to adjust the rise to your baby's shape; it really is like having THREE sizes in one.

Why Choose A Two-Piece System (Duo Wrap + Prefold/Fitted Diaper)

A Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted paired with a Thirsties Diaper Cover offers superior leakproof protection! Why? Because fitted cloth diapers offer an additional elasticized barrier around the legs and waist that makes it much tougher for anything to escape beyond the diaper cover.

Features & Benefits
  • Grows with your baby so you only need two sizes from birth to potty!
  • Leg gussets for advanced leak protection
  • Pliable, breathable, ultra-comfortable waterproof fabric
  • Snap or Aplix hook-and-loop closures
  • Wipe clean between washings

Snap vs. Aplix Hook and Loop Closure

Both snap and Aplix hook and loop closures are available on Thirsties Duo line. While the majority of families prefer Aplix closures because of the simple, secure fit they provide, snap enclosures do have a few advantages of their own. They are pretty much indestructible. As well, they are more unyielding than the Aplix hook-and-loop enclosures, making them more challenging to unfasten for a toddler who prefers to go naked.


Duo Wrap diaper cover, Snap closure - 1 each

Sizing Chart

  Size     Weight     Age  
  One     6 to 18 lbs / 3-8 kg     0-9 months  
  Two     18 to 40 lbs / 8-18 kg       9-36 months  

Cleaning Instructions

Before first use: Wash once using a cloth diaper safe detergent

At every wash cycle: Prewash on warm, wash on hot, add another rinse on warm. On each cycle, use enough water to soak and cover the diapering items and allow them to agitate.

Hang dry or dry in the dryer on low.

Please avoid the following practices and/or additives that can void the warranty on your Thirsties products:
  • Chlorine or oxygen bleach
  • Sanitize or Whites cycles on HE machines
  • Pure Soap
  • Laundry boosters/additives
  • High heat in the dryer

These practices and/or additives can void the warranty on your Thirsties products. A 15 minute cycle on hot in the dryer once a month is beneficial to lamination, and will not void your warranty.

Material of Construction
  • 100% polyester with urethane coating
  • FREE of VOC’s, PVC, phthalates, lead and latex
Thirsties Duo Wrap, Snap Closure, White, Size Two